A liquid electricity market with developed exchanges offering advanced products, Italy is a high-priced market that imports energy from the SEE Region and Central Western Europe. Its liquid electricity market allows for hedging opportunities and the implementation of directional strategies, benefiting from the wide participation of both financial and physical traders.

The country is dependent on imports from neighbouring markets, something that also presents opportunities for cross-border trade. Complex rules regarding the import/export of physical energy make Italy a place for experienced companies able to comply with such regulations. Due to its position between the western and SEE markets, we have succeeded in positioning ourselves as one of the dominant commodity players.

GEN-I’s experienced involvement, combined with trading infrastructure in all neighbouring countries, including Greece, creates opportunities to support local utilities and international trading companies with electricity deliveries in all zones.

Resulting from the synergies of our global portfolio and a large market share, GEN-I offers products and services tailored to local producers, suppliers and end-users.